Disputes exist between friends, neighbors, partners, husbands and wifes, siblings, families, companies; between natural persons and legal entities, between associates, employees and employers, between companies who seek development and ecological organizations, between citizens and the state, between people who are unknown to each other.

We all have issues that trouble us and that we wish to resolve, loose ends we have to tie up, deadlines we have to make, asset issues we have to settle, agreements to conclude.

There are also many ways to resolve and settle all the above: follow specific rules and guidelines, go to courts or choose the path of negotiation, mediation, and in general, the alternative ways to resolve disputes.

Our office, which is a continuation of the law firm of Theodore Stratigopoulos which started operating in 1965, has a long and successful court experience and handling of manycases of the civil, commercial, administrative and penal law and is qualified to resolve your disputes and tie up your affairs in the best possible way, achieving the best results through a variety of provided services.

  • We hear your problems
  • We acknowledge your feelings
  • We understand your wishes – interests
  • We are your associates
  • We are part of the solution on the matters that trouble you
  • We think, plan and suggest specific, realistic, feasible and time-defined ways to resolve the issues – cases that trouble you
  • We provide services that offer added value
We serve the new Legal Reason: Facts / Real Incidents / What Happened + Applicable Law (objective standards) / Who were affected + Interests of stakeholders (subjective standards) / What can be done from now on = RESULT, combined with the classical legal values, as expressed in Goethe’s words: “Attorney: Servant, assistant, counselor, partisan, defender, in one word, complete man. The lawyer does not live his own life, but the life of the other, his client, the worry, the need, the despair, the insult and the pain of the other, all he adopts, makes them  his own and is analyzed in these feelings. His success is his happiness, the failure of his regret. To defend the right, to fight the injustice, to be faithful and straightforward until the end, are the values he has taken to foster and consider as an emblem in his flag